Our Fertility Journey

Dana and Brian Parsons met in Los Angeles in 2009 and married in 2011. Upon getting hitched they immediately began trying to get pregnant. After realizing that they needed help to conceive, and after a few upsetting false starts, they began fertility treatment in the U.S. After two failed rounds of IVF, and with their money and morale dwindling, they reached out to Reprofit International, a renowned fertility clinic in the Czech Republic.

The treatment they received was a fraction of the cost of the procedures they had in the U.S. The English-speaking clinic, situated in the charming and friendly city of Brno, offered world-class treatment, delivered with professionalism and a welcome smile. They stayed in a beautiful and modern private apartment in the city, turning their course of treatment into a European vacation. They finished their stay with a break in the historic and cosmopolitan city of Vienna.

One week after returning to the US they discovered they were pregnant. Nine months later their gorgeous son Arthur was born at home in Oklahoma City.

Having worked hard for many years to save the money to fund their IVF treatment in the US, their only regret in this rollercoaster journey is that they hadn’t known about the affordable and excellent treatment options available abroad. They are now deeply motivated to assist other couples in realizing their dream of becoming parents at an affordable cost, without compromising the level of care and support.

Dana writes:

“Brian and I know the heartache and ultimate joy of undergoing fertility treatment. It took us 5 years, 3 attempts and tens of thousands of dollars. Ultimately money is not the issue, but after two unsuccessful IVF cycles in the US we didn’t have sufficient savings to allow us to have another round of treatment. I was at my lowest ebb after our second IVF procedure, at a very expensive and prestigious clinic in Los Angeles, as the doctor informed us rather bluntly (and ultimately incorrectly) that I would never be able to conceive with my own eggs. Not one to give up, we vowed to keep trying. After months of research and hundreds of hours of work we found the answer to our problem – Reprofit – a renowned fertility clinic in the Czech Republic with fantastic success rates.

As native Europeans – I am German born and my husband Brian is British – the notion of travelling to the Czech Republic was not off putting or daunting. After factoring in the transport and accommodation costs our treatment and stay in Brno cost around a third of typical US costs.

I wish someone had been there earlier in our IVF journey to help us access the skilled and supportive team of fertility experts at Reprofit. Let us help you in your attempts to realize your dream of becoming parents. We want to be there for you…with emotional support, guidance and practical advice.”

Our team

Before starting Your IVF Success Dana worked as a TV Line and Post Producer and Wedding Photographer. Dana has lived and worked across the globe – in Paris; New York; Tokyo; Milan; Sydney and South Korea – ultimately settling in Los Angeles in 2004. Since becoming pregnant after treatment at Reprofit she has found a new passion in life – helping other couples realize their fertility dreams. Her son Arthur is not only a source of joy, but also a physical reminder of the power of resilience and determination.

Brian is a British born theatre academic and university administrator. A seasoned traveller like Dana he has lived, worked and travelled in a range of countries across the globe.

Dana, Brian and Arthur reside in Oklahoma City with their cat Stellaluna. As a native German speaker and experienced traveller, Dana is ideally placed to assist you in the practical and emotional aspects of your ‘IVF journey’. They promise you individualized, detailed and prompt service and support.

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