Reprofit International is a renowned clinic of reproduction medicine and gynecology in the Czech Republic, and one of Europe’s most successful fertility treatment providers. Over the course of its existence more than 15,000 couples, from more than 90 countries, have sought the clinic´s assistance.

Reprofit was founded in 2006 and was the first clinic in the Czech Republic to create a specialized team for infertility treatment using donated eggs.


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Personal approach and tailor-made therapies for every woman and every couple

Our center of assisted reproduction focuses on all available methods of infertility treatment. Reprofit has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and in building a talented, caring and professional team of physicians, embryologists and andrologists.

Patients work with a personal coordinator who will accompany them through the whole process of the medical therapy.

High-standard of care

Reprofit works closely with top specialists in their fields. All Reprofit´s physicians, embryologists and andrologists are not only specialists, but also physicians and technicians who put the wellbeing and comfort of their patients first.

Currently, Reprofit is the largest clinic of its kind in the Czech Republic, and one of the biggest in Europe. Its growth and success is a result of the close interconnection between fertility treatments, and the high level of specialization, and standard of care, of its medical professionals.


In our laboratory the latest technology is harnessed with the skills of our experienced embryologists. The result of this union is the creation of high quality embryos. The high quality of these embryos enables us to transfer only one embryo in more than 50 % of all cycles. This practice decreases the risk of multiple pregnancies. A slight decrease in the success rate using single embryo transfer is off-set by the overall success of treatment with all embryos from one cycle. Patients usually have one embryo transferred during a fresh cycle, and the remaining embryos are frozen (average is 2.54 frozen embryos). Should the patient not become pregnant during the fresh cycle, the remaining embryos can be transferred through Frozen Embryo Transfer. This will increase the chance of successful pregnancy, and the cumulative success of transferring 3 embryos is more than 91 %.


The success of treatment with patients‘ own oocytes exceeded 50 % per treatment cycle last year. We are very successful at treating women with own oocytes between the ages of 40 and 43, and we achieved a pregnancy success rate in this age group of 30.8 %. Our clinic remains committed to a single embryo transfer stratégy, to overcome the health risks connected with multiple pregnancies.


The success rate of frozen embryotransfer with thawed embryos is close to the success of a treatment with fresh embryos and, in some cases, it is even higher. This is more likely to be seen with an IVF cycle using a patient‘s own oocytes due to the better preparation of the endometrium lining, when the stimulation of ovaries does not occur at the same time.


Thanks to using a PGS we increased the success of our pregnancy rates by 10 % (61.4 % after using PGS techniques in IVF with own oocytes). The main reason for this procedure is that up to 44 % of morphologically good duality embryos have an unsatisfactory distribution of genetic information. Such embryos may cease to develop, and inappropriate genetic information may be the reason for the failure of embryos to nest in the womb.

Medical Tourism

In 2016 we have provided treatment for 2946 patients from 60 countries
Czech republic721
United Kingdom354
United States100

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