We are so excited to announce that our clients can use the Geri incubator if they wish to do so.

Geri is an award winning time lapse incubator with six individualized chambers. Each patient has their own chamber to minimize lid opening and maintain the optimum environment.

This incubator doesn’t have to be opened until the embryo transfer.

Traditional incubators are opened on day 1 and 3 after fertilization to check the embryo development under a microscope. To do so, the embryos need to be taken out of their ideal environment. And you can only see the stage of development at the moment of inspection.

With the Geri time-lapse incubator, the time-lapse video shows exactly when and how the cells are dividing and multiplying.

This way, the best decision on which embryo to transfer can be made.

Multiple redundancies for embryo safety and development are also built in.

You get so much more info about your embryos. It’s pretty amazing.

Check out this video:

Our clients who used this incubator in 2017 all have ongoing pregnancies, which we are very excited about. We couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

We are here to help you become successfully pregnant. Ask us about this option.

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